List of Warm-and-Fuzzies

Hello Friends!

I’m happy to announce that I have been compiling a list of things that make me genuinely happy.  I’m currently on my cross-country flight to San Francisco to visit my brother for the weekend and I find myself with some time to finally take what has been pounding on my frontal lobe for weeks and share it with you all!  

I’ll give you guys some backstory: lately, a lot of people in my life have been coming up to me and honestly saying that I seem genuinely happy. Two of these people that said this are my parents so I trust their judgement. I sat down after hearing this for the fourth time and did some heavy duty introspection. Upon this self-analysis, I realized that I actually AM genuinely happy.

It’s a wild concept; being happy. What does happy even mean? If I’m going to get deep real quick with you guys. While I was analyzing my emotions, I got to thinking about what exactly is causing this rapid change in mood? And thus, the list of happiness was born. Enjoy!

  1. The old man with the grey mustache that runs with his big black lab every single morning around USF campus in the same USF sweatshirt. A smile is always plastered on his face and it brightens my mornings.
  2. Random kindness. Telling someone you like what they’re wearing or how they did their hair today, for example, can change their entire day. An awful day full of failed exams and mean looks can make a complete 180 with something as small as a compliment or holding the door for someone. Trust me, I know. I was having the worst day a few days ago and someone letting me in while I was trying to turn onto a busy road completely changed my mood. Is that the random kindness or Bipolar Disorder? The world may never know.
  3. Music. I don’t know about you guys, but there is no mood that music cannot pull me out of. Anxiety, sadness, stress; music helps dig me out. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the music background in my blood from my dad but music has saved me more than a couple of times.
  4. Days when you can drive with the windows down. Living in Florida, I know that the “cold” season comes for about a week and then peaces out till next year. Catching the cold early and preparing for it so that you can enjoy every little bit is so important in Florida. When it’s the week before “winter,” and you can smell the cold in the air, driving around (even if you have nowhere to go) with the windows down and your music blasting is one of the best feelings in the world. True escape.
  5. Tampa Sunsets. So this is a loaded one. I haven’t actually gone to the beach in Tampa during sunset to experience one of these fully, like I should, but even just being on campus on the top of a parking garage to watch from the west coast of Florida is a magnificent sight. The array of pinks, oranges, purples, yellows, reds, and blues when they are all intertwined together in this fluid motion that mother nature creates is mesmerizing. Being from the east coast, sunrises are gorgeous, obviously, but something about getting up at the butt crack of dawn to watch it makes it a little less enjoyable. (Obviously not a morning person)
  6. Pull-Up Friends. Only some will understand this one right off the bat. If you are reading this and you understand what this is right away, you are a true pull-up friend and I love you. Shout out to you beautiful women who have forever changed my life for the better. This one is for my Delta Gammas of USF (and you, Natalie). For those of you who are lost, a pull-up friend is someone who is always there to encourage you to do everything you can to be the best “you” possible. I would be lying if I said a huge chunk of my happiness since September isn’t due to you women. It’s only been a couple months and I can already say that the girls I have met through DG are the most genuine, sweet, fun people I have had the honor to be acquainted with. Thank you girls for the endless belly laughs and the tears of joy.
  7. My Beautiful Family. You all already know how much you mean to me but I would like to reiterate how happy you guys make me. Mom and dad, you are always there for me when I need anything and I love you guys endlessly for that, among other things. Nicole, you are my rock, my support system, and my best friend all in one flawless human. Zack, you are the funniest, most caring, kind-hearted individual I have come across. You all hold me up when I’m at my lowest of lows. I can’t thank you enough for just being you. Never change. AH OOO all. (Yes, this one made me cry and now the old woman next to me on this plane thinks I’m psychotic for breaking out into tears while I type away)

I think I should probably end this now before this woman beside me tries to comfort me. Strangers that care should be on this list but being this close to someone and having to socialize and explain why I’m an emotional wreck will be a struggle at this point in time. I don’t enjoy being awkwardly comforted by strangers.

Anyways, thanks for reading about what makes this black-hearted wench blush. I now challenge each one of you to compile a list of what makes you happy. Always go through your days finding the good in things, and not the bad. I know how hard that can be sometimes but just giving this a try could change your outlook on a “bad day” forever!

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Zoe Zbar

My name is Zoe and I'm a 22-year-old student at the University of South Florida. Join me as I document my journey through life. I'll write the good, the bad, the ugly, the pretty, the funny, the sad, and everything in between. Don't be afraid to let me know what you think. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “List of Warm-and-Fuzzies”

  1. And now you made me cry at work, thanks… I love you so much! I’m so happy you’re so happy! It puts a smile on my face. Ah ooo!


  2. I never got back to you on this. No correx of significance. But it was beautiful.

    Keep blogging. People enjoy this peek into your soul – your family especially.

    Love you immensely, Beans. We’re proud of your accomplishments and thrilled for your happiness.

    Ah ooo

    Jeff __________________________ *Jeff Zbar ~ **954-346-4393* *Need a copywriter? Let’s talk* * / LinkedIn *


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