Thoughts From a College Senior Sidelined by COVID-19

These are hard times for everybody. We all have lost or are going to lose something. It almost feels selfish to be writing this; but I’m gonna do it anyway. Because although some people have it much worse in the pandemic called the coronavirus and COVID-19, and I recognize that completely, 2020 college seniors have been dealt a pretty sucky hand from life’s deck of cards.

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Say “Yes”

I just had what some may call a revelation.

I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone, studying abroad in England for six months. That was as out of my zone I thought I’d need to go. Until I was given a month off school.

I decided to pack a backpack. To use this month to explore Europe. To see the world – solo.

I was so nervous and my whole family kept telling me I didn’t need to do it. I could back out and stay in Exeter all month.

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